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Welcome to InternationalRecordingArtist.com! The place to get the latest news on International Recording Artist Veronica Vitale and Visionary Vanguard Records.

“Hello everyone, I look forward to sharing my world of music with you and spreading my message with the hearts and minds of anyone that wants to listen.” “We all have an incredible journey ahead of us” “All aboard and join me on a journey to the world’s end.”

On this site you will find all types of Book Reviews / Music Record Equipment and Live Equipment Reviews, and Various other Cool Articles to help you as the fellow artist.  If you are a fan/follower you’ll also get to see what Veronica Vitale and her staff here at internationalrecordingartist.com are up to. Also if your a tech head, or just starting to record music yourself, Visionary Vanguard is creating some very unconventional tutorials for mixing, engineering and mastering music will also be available at some point as well…the same techniques were used on my new album “Inside the Outsider” and simplify the process in a whole new way of thinking.

Get ready and stay tuned in @internationalrecordingartist.com #internationalrecordingartist, for updates in the next couple months. Be sure to check out the IRA Blog page. We have a lot of cool stuff to show you